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Stutter Step Basketball

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Basketball Stuttering Dribble

A stuttering dribble in basketball is when a player dribbles and stutter steps at the same time. This is how a player can slow down after running with the basketball or shake off a defender when trying to slow their pace or move closer to the basket on offense. NBA player Derrick Rose is famous for his stuttering dribble!

Basketball Stuttering Dribble

What is a Stutter Step?

In order to successfully complete a stuttering dribble, you will need to learn how to do a stutter step. A stutter step is done by taking a few choppy steps in place before accelerating forward. In order to complete a stuttering dribble, you will need to maintain your dribble while taking those steps and during your acceleration.

Why Use a Stuttering Dribble?

So, what's the point of using a stuttering dribble? The main purpose of it is to create a short change of pace in order to get the defender off balance and confused on when you are going to start driving toward the basket. If you are running directly toward the basket and have no offensive options, slowing your pace with a stuttering dribble can allow your team to catch up with you or move around to create passing options instead of forcing a bad shot.


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