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Post Up Basketball

Table of Contents

Basketball Post Up

The term post up in basketball refers to a player, typically the center, moving to the low post for an easy layup, dunk, or jump shot. When the center posts up, he rotates his body away from the defender to prevent a steal or block. He then takes a shot fading away, this maneuver allows him to shoot with open space as opposed to being defended.

Basketball Post Up

Basketball Post

The posts in basketball are two spots in the paint on the court. The posts are known as the high post and low post and are used by the post player to post up. The center or power forward will post up in this position in order to give their point guard a passing option.

Basketball Post Player Positions

In basketball, the power forward and center positions are known as post players. Centers and power forwards are adequate shooters from this position and are usually the tallest players on the team.

Basketball Post Player Positions

The height advantage is one of the reasons centers and power forwards make great post players. Posting up plays are designed to take advantage of mismatches and a smaller, weaker defender. The center and power forward are known as low post players because they spend the majority of their time at the low post on the court. Low post players are great at getting rebounds, blocks, and making layups, dunks, hook shots, and jump shots near the hoop. This is a brand of the game that is somewhat dying but is still alive, specially at the college level.

Steps to Post Up Effectively

  1. Get into position at the low or high post
  2. Look for a setup pass from a teammate
  3. Take advantage of a player mismatch
  4. Create space between the defender and the ball
  5. Shoot the ball


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