Catching In Basketball

Basketball Catching

In basketball, catching is the act of receiving the ball into your own possession via a pass from another teammate or a rebound off a missed shot. Catching is an extremely important and fundamental skill in the sport of basketball. Catching is one of the first things an aspiring basketball player will want to learn before stepping on the court. Common types of passes that players should be able to catch are chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passes.


To catch the basketball, players will want to form a W shape with their two hands and hold them out towards the passer. This means spreading your fingers apart and touching your thumbs together to give the passer a target. Next, a teammate will pass you the ball in a strong and direct fashion. Ideally, the pass will be placed right into your hands. However, if the pass is a little off target, be sure to adjust your hands so the ball glides right into your grasp. When receiving the ball, let the ball come gently into your hands and guide it back towards your chest. You have now caught a pass and are in possession of the basketball!

To have proper catching technique in basketball, players should remember to step towards the pass they are catching and pull the ball back into a protected triple-threat position after catching it. If you do not have another player to practice passing and catching with, you can practice on your own by utilizing a wall that the ball can bounce off of.