Box Out Basketball

Basketball Block Out

Basketball Boxing Out

Boxing out in basketball is a strategy used by both the offense and defense on the floor to increase the chance of getting rebounds. There are many ways to box a player out, but the basic idea remains the same. When the ball is in the air, you should get into position close to the backboard in anticipation of catching the rebound.

Here are the steps to be effective at boxing out in basketball:

  1. Choose a player to box out. In man to man defense this is usually whoever you are guarding, but in a zone could just be the closest person to you.
  2. Get as close as you can to the net without being too far underneath that a rebound will never feasibly fall to you.
  3. Face the net directly in front of the player you are boxing out.
  4. Use your butt to distance yourself from the other player. This is a crucial step, as preventing the opposing player from being able to get positioned almost guarantees success
  5. Spread your arms out like an eagle and wave them up and down, not allowing the opposing player to reach through.
  6. Prevent the other player from moving towards the basket.
  7. Once the ball is in the air, move into position and grab it!


Basketball Rebound

Boxing out is ineffective if the player does not pay attention to where the shot is coming from. The longer the shot, the more likely the ball is to bounce further. Moreover, rebounds are more likely to bounce in the direction of the shot rather than back toward it, so defenders should box out accordingly.

One of the most important people for a defender to box out is the shooter. The person who shoots the ball will always have a slightly better idea for where the rebound will go, since they know whether they might have shot it short, long, left, or right. This means that when they follow their shot, they have a better chance of being in the right spot, making it imperative to prevent them from doing so.


Basketball Over the Back

If a player is successfully boxed out but then reaches over to grab the rebound, it is an over-the-back foul. This further incentivizes good box outs because it not only increases rebound chances but could lead to a bad foul by an opponent.

It is possible to get a foul while attempting to box out if a player is too aggressive or uses their hands to gain positioning. It is important to be clean with your technique when boxing out so that this does not occur.