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Block Out Basketball

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Basketball Blocking Out

In basketball, blocking out, or boxing out, is a technique used by defenders to rebound the ball after a missed shot.

Basketball Block Out


In order for a defender to block out an offensive player, he/she must first find his/her assigned offensive player when a shot goes up. The defender gets low and puts his/her forearm into the torso of the offensive player and turns 180 degrees. This way, the defender is facing the rim and positioned directly in front of the offensive player

At this point, the defender can push his/her backside into the offensive player to keep him/her from getting to the ball. As the offensive player tries to get around the defender, he/she will slide to match the movement of the offensive player and stay in front of him/her. When blocking out, the defender must also make sure to keep his/her arms up and out. The defender can use them to feel for the offensive player, but bringing them down or pushing back with them can result in a foul. If all defensive players block out, tracking down the rebound will be much easier for the team.

Man-To-Man Vs. Zone

It must be noted that blocking out when playing man-to-man defense is much easier than out of a zone defense. When the offense takes a shot against man-to-man defense, the defenders should be in a position to immediately block out because they will almost always be between their man and the basket. In a zone defense, however, finding the closest offensive player is much tougher. It can be a difficult task to block out in the few seconds from shot release to rebound, so the defense must be ready to perform this technique at all times.


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