Set Shot Basketball

Basketball Set Shot

The top basketball players have an arsenal of shots that they can employ in game situations. One of the most efficient shots is the set shot, and it is favored by some of the top shooters in the game. Keep reading to learn more about the set shot and how it is used in basketball.

Basketball Set Shot

A set shot in basketball is when a player is not moving and can shoot a stationary shot. The shot is mainly used close to the basket and by centers and power forwards. This shot is meant to be simple and easy in order to be an effective way to get points.

Why Are Set Shots Used?

A set shot is most often effective underneath or near the basket. It is a shot used by players who generally play down low such as power forward or center, but anyone can use the shot during a game. The set shot is most used by these players, and in this situation because it is a shot that takes less time and power; therefore it is more effective than other types of shots.

Who Uses a Set Shot?

A set shot is mainly used by players who find themselves down low. This usually means power forwards or centers, because they tend to stay low in the paint while on offense. Players like point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards can find themselves open down low as well. In this situation, they will likely use a set shot, but they are not often exposed to this situation and instead generally take jump shots from farther away.

How to Shoot a Set Shot

Follow these steps to shoot a set shot with proper form:

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and body upright.
  2. Face the basket and bend your degrees at a 45° angle.
  3. Hold the ball in your shooting hand with your fingers directly facing your eyes.
  4. Bend your shooting elbow at an acute angle and hold your forearm upright, supporting the ball with only your fingertips.
  5. Place your non-shooting hand on the side of the ball with the thumb facing your forehead.
  6. Forcefully extend your shooting arm and flick your wrist as you reach the end of your shot.
  7. While shooting, straighten your knees, driving force from your legs into your shot.


What is a set shot in basketball?

In basketball, a set shot is a type of shot where a basketball player stands stationary while taking their shot. This shot is mainly used by players low in the paint, such as power forwards or centers, and is the opposite of a jump shot, which has a player jump up while shooting the ball.

Why is a set shot effective?

A set shot is effective because it requires less time and power than a jump shot. Jump shots need to be set up and aimed in time with a player’s jump to be effective, while set shots just require proper aim. Set shots are only very effective near or right underneath the basket, so players who are not low in the paint will typically use jump shots instead.