Jump Shot Basketball

Basketball Jump shots

Jump shots are an essential technique for any good shooter in basketball. Most elite players boast flawless jump shots, and a well-executed one can be truly breathtaking. Keep reading to learn about jump shots and how they’re used in basketball.

What Is a Jump Shot in Basketball?

A jump shot in basketball is any shot attempt performed while jumping in the air. Someone who has a good jump shot is usually one of the more talented and popular players on a team. The ability to make jump shots is something that is distinctly admired, especially at the collegiate and pro levels.

Why Is a Jump Shot Used?

The jump shot is one of the most common and comfortable shots for a player to use. The shot is generally used to get leverage above a defender, to get a better look at the hoop, and to get more strength on a shot. Jump shots are powerful tools for shorter players shooting over taller defenders.

How to Shoot a Jump Shot

Follow these steps to shoot a jump shot with proper form:

  1. Keep your eyes on the rim throughout the shot.
  2. Set your feet shoulder-width apart, directly facing the basket.
  3. Hold the ball just above your waist, lined up with the hoop.
  4. Spread your fingers wide enough so you can balance the ball; let it rest on your shooting hand.
  5. While keeping your non-shooting hand on the side of the ball, begin to bring it upward, keeping your elbow underneath the ball.
  6. Keep the ball in front of you as you jump, releasing your arms and legs at the same time, pushing the maximum power through the ball.
  7. Release the ball at the highest point your hands can go, keeping your shooting hand pointed directly at the basket.
  8. Try to land in the same spot you shot from, keeping your wrists relaxed during the follow-through.

Famous NBA Jump Shots

Most of the greatest shooters in NBA history scored most of their points on jump shots. Some of the best shooters that have graced the NBA court include Ray Allen and Steph Curry. There have also been many iconic jump shots in NBA history, such as the one Michael Jordan hit against the Cavaliers on May 7, 1989, nicknamed “the shot.”


Why are jump shots important in basketball?

Jump shots are important as offensive tools and as the mark of a good player. Jump shots are a vital technique for shorter players when attempting to score against taller defenders. Additionally, many players view a good jump shot as a benchmark for basketball talent. Most of the best players have a good jump shot.

What is the difference between a jump shot and a jump ball?

The difference between a jump shot and a jump ball is that jump shots are a type of shot, while jump balls are a special event that puts the ball into play. Jump shots are any kind of shot that involves a player jumping into the air while they shoot the ball. Jump balls occur at the start of a game or overtime, where the referee throws the ball into the air, and a player from each time jumps for possession.