Jump Shot Basketball

Basketball Jump shots

Basketball Jump Shot

A jump shot in basketball is any shot attempt performed while jumping into the air. The shot is generally used to get leverage above a defender, to get a better look at the hoop, and to get more strength on a shot.

Why the Jumpshot is used

The jump shot is one that is used by almost every player as it is a very common and comfortable shot. Someone who has a good jump shot is usually one of the more talented and popular players on a team. Shooting ability is something that is distinctly admired especially at the collegiate and pro levels.

Famous Jump Shots

Most of the greatest shooters in NBA history scored most of their points on jump shots. This list would include names such as Ray Allen and Steph Curry. There are also many iconic jump shots in NBA history such as the one Michael Jordan hit against the Cavaliers on May 7, 1989, nicknamed “the shot.”