Basketball Foul Shot

Basketball Foul Shot

A foul shot in basketball is a shot attempt given to a player that was fouled to be taken on the foul line (free throw line). It is also known as a free throw.

What are the penalty and foul shot rules in college basketball?

Foul shots are shots that may be given to a player that is fouled. They are also known as free throw shots. Players take foul shots or free throws at the foul line, also called the free throw line! The number of foul shots a player gets depends on if the opposing team is in a penalty situation and the type of foul that occurs.

When shooting a foul shot, the player shooting must remain behind the free throw line throughout the entire shot. Otherwise, a lane violation is called and the opposing team gets the ball. The remaining players from both teams line up either along each side of the key (to prepare for a possible rebound) or behind the three-point line. Lane violations may also be called on these remaining players for stepping over their respective lines before the shot hits something.

A lane violation against the shooting team means the shot is voided and the opposing team retains possession. A lane violation against the defense results in a re-shot if the foul shot is missed.

Personal Foul

A personal foul is given to a player for violating the rules of the game. If a personal foul against the defense occurs during a field goal attempt, it is a shooting foul and the shooter will receive free throws. If the shot is missed, the shooter will receive two free throws (or three, if it was a three-point attempt). If the shot is good, the shooter receives the points and an extra free throw-this is known as an "and-one".

Team Foul

Team fouls are given to the entire team. Each time any player receives a foul, their respective team receives a foul, too. When a team incurs a certain number of team fouls, they enter a penalty, which allows the opposing team to attempt free throws after non-shooting fouls. You can read more about the team fouls penalty situations in the bonus and double bonus tutorials.

Technical Foul

Technical fouls are called in response to unsportsmanlike conduct or defensive three seconds. The team that the foul was performed against elects a player to shoot one free throw. This is followed by the same team inbounding the ball.

Flagrant Foul

A flagrant foul is called for any completely unnecessary or excessive contact with another player. The team the foul was committed against gets two foul shots and the ball.

How many player fouls can a player get?

  • In the NCAA, players can get up to five (5) personal fouls before being removed from the game.
  • In the NBA, players can get up to six (6) personal fouls before being removed from the game.

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