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Basketball Buzzer Beater

Buzzer beater is a basketball term used to describe a shot which is released just before time expires on the game clock and goes through the hoop after the buzzer has sounded. Buzzer beaters can be either a 2 or 3 point shot, but not a free throw. Buzzer beaters can happen at the end of quarters, halves, at the end of the game, or even in overtime.

A buzzer beater that ties the score of the game will send a team to overtime, and a buzzer beater that puts one team’s score over the other will win the game entirely. Buzzer beaters in end game situations are one of the most exciting parts of basketball, as the entire game comes down to one last shot at the buzzer. In college and professional basketball, all buzzer beaters are reviewed by the officials to ensure the ball was released before the time expired.  

In order for the buzzer beater to count, the ball must be fully released from the shooter's hands before the buzzer sounds; otherwise the shot will be waived off.