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Basketball Baseline Shot

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Basketball Baseline Shot

A baseline shot in basketball is a shot that is taken parallel to the baseline, that is the endline of a court. The terminology can be used referring to any shots taken parallel to the baseline, being close to the paint, on the mid-range, or a three-point shot. However, three-point baseline jumpers tend to be called corner threes more often, as the part located between the sideline and the baseline is called the corner.

When shooting a baseline shot, players do not have the backboard as a reference point, making it a hard shot to make. Still, some players are masters of baseline shots, while others struggle. Regardless of the talent to score points from that area, all players must practice baseline shots, as it is a big part of the game. There are many different types of drills that can help improve a player's baseline game. They can include different types of shots, such as baseline hooks, baseline layups, and baseline jump shots. Drills can be easily found online on basketball coaching websites.

basketball baseline shot


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