Basketball Shorts

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are a vital piece of clothing that basketball players wear when competing in the sport. With a wide range of colors, types, brands, and materials available, there are many options for basketball players or those interested in this type of short for leisure to purchase.

What are basketball shorts used for?

Basketball shorts are an essential piece of clothing for basketball players but also for leisure wear. They are important to wear when playing in the sport because of the lightweight, breathable materials that allow for players to move around, sweat, and be comfortable in. While basketball shorts are a commonly worn piece of clothing to wear along with a jersey, there are a variety of other clothing options that people can choose from.

Basketball shorts are made of materials such as nylon and polyester that are great for their mobility and sweat wicking qualities that allow for moisture to dry quickly. Although basketball shorts and uniforms were traditionally short and ran smaller in the seventies and eighties, over time they have developed a more baggy and loose feel to keep up with the latest trends.

Things To Consider

When looking for basketball shorts, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What length of shorts are you looking for?
  • How much are you looking to spend on basketball shorts?
  • Is there a certain color of shorts you are looking for?
  • What material of shorts do you find to be most comfortable?


There are several types of basketball shorts that are available for customers to choose from; with youth, women's and men's categories available, there are shorts with pockets, drawstrings, longer options that are accessible to all.

Shorts With Pockets

Basketball Shorts With Pockets

Basketball shorts with pockets are a great option for people who prefer pockets in shorts or those interested in purchasing them for leisure wear. Although people who play basketball may wear shorts with pockets, they do not need this feature and it is more preferable for casual wear or other activities.

Adjustable Drawstring Shorts

basketball adjustable drawstring shorts

Basketball shorts with adjustable drawstrings are a preferred type of short for many. Although many shorts come with an elastic waistband, people playing basketball and anyone who enjoys wearing shorts favor when they can fit perfectly. The comfort of being able to personally tighten and adjust the waistband is a quality many people look for in shorts and pants.

Long Basketball Shorts

Basketball Long Shorts

In order for basketball players to feel more comfortable when playing, longer basketball shorts started being manufactured. The looser, baggier fit allows for more movement and breathability when playing basketball. The difference between a normal length basketball short and long shorts is generally 2 inches.

Men's Basketball Shorts

mens basketball shorts

Men's basketball shorts are longer, looser, and typically have pockets. This is because back in the day, men would not be able to tuck their jerseys into their shorts when they used to be shorter. The trends for men's bottoms apparel in sports also started to become a long and baggier style, whereas for women it would be shorter.

Women's Basketball Shorts

womens basketball shorts

Women's basketball shorts are typically softer, made of polyester, shorter in length, and usually don't have pockets. Basketball shorts should be looser so that there is a lightweight feel that does not hinder the basketball player's abilities to run freely on the court.


The three materials that are commonly used to manufacture basketball shorts are cotton, nylon, and polyester, which are often blended together to contribute to the comfort and mobility that they provide.

  • Cotton: Cotton is favored by many due to minimal smell and bacteria growth, but when it comes to working out, cotton absorbs moisture well, and is not the most preferred fabric when looking for sport gear.
  • Nylon: Nylon's quick-drying and breathable fabric is great for exercise apparel. Its silky feel adds to its popularity when looking for the proper workout gear.
  • Polyester: This is one of the best materials for sports apparel because of its lightweight, durable, non-absorbent, breathable qualities.


There are a wide range of brands of basketball shorts to choose from. The most popular include Champion, Nike, and Under Armour.

  • Champion: Champion is the brand that was the official outfitter for the USA Basketball Men's Senior National Team. The mesh material that the basketball shorts are known for, adds to their authentic collection of athletic apparel.
  • Nike: Nike has been the official sportswear and apparel supplier for the NBA since 2015. Michael Jordan changed the length of the basketball shorts by refusing to wear the classic short shorts after his initial brainstorming sessions with Nike.
  • Under Armour: It is widely known that Under Armour is famous for their seamless lightweight basketball shorts. With the numerous color choices to choose from, customers have many options when looking for an item they will buy.


Some important considerations when buying basketball shorts are the durability, cost, and length of the shorts.


Most basketball shorts that are produced are durable; the blends of polyester, cotton and nylon create a good quality and long lasting pair of shorts. However, brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Under Armour, and Champion are generally known to have better quality than others. A good pair of basketball shorts last anywhere between 5-10 years, but cheaper pairs can last anywhere up to months to a few years, depending on the care that is taken for them as well.


Basketball shorts have an average cost of about $25 for a good quality pair, but depending on the brand, quality, and the materials used, customers should expect to spend anywhere between $15 to $50. Cheaper or more generic brands are often $12 to $25 for a pair, but brands like Nike and Champion can be pricier, running at around $25 to $60 dollars for a durable pair.


Basketball shorts are available in youth and adult sizes, and the length typically varies depending on the sizes. In adult sizes, the leg length varies from sizes XXS to XXL at 18.5 inches to 23 inches. Additionally, there are longer basketball shorts available on the market. Overall, basketball shorts are known for their comfortable and roomy fit, and customers should keep in mind that they are supposed to be comfortable and can be used for leisure too.

What are the best basketball shorts?


How much do basketball shorts cost?

Basketball shorts can range in pricing depending on the brand, material, durability, and type of short that is being purchased. However, the majority of good quality shorts range between $20 to $40. Some popular shorts come in packs on sites such as Amazon, which can be cheaper than buying individual pairs. Brands such as Nike and Adidas are often slightly pricier, but most shorts are still reasonably priced, averaging about $25.

What are the different kinds of basketball shorts?

The types of basketball shorts available on the market come in youth, men's, and womens. Additionally, there are differences between the types of shorts that each brand carries. Adjustable drawstrings, pockets, longer inseams, and differences in materials are all examples of how some differ from others.