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Basketball Over The Limit

Basketball Over The Limit

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Basketball Over The Limit

In basketball, the phrase "over the limit" refers to when one team has committed too many team fouls and has entered a penalty situation. Team fouls are the total number of personal fouls committed by players of the same team in one period. The other team is awarded additional free throws after every foul in this situation.

Being over the limit is the same as the opposing team being "in the bonus". If a team is not yet in the bonus, fouls committed against them will result in inbounds passes.

Sometimes a team will go over the limit on purpose. This strategy (known as "Hack-a-Shaq" for its frequent use against Shaquille O'Neal) will send their opponents to the free throw line on purpose. It is designed to slow down the game and puts pressure on the free throw shooter to make foul shots.

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