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Basketball Official Statistician

Basketball Official Statistician

The official statistician during a basketball has a very important job. They record all statistical events during a game, and keep track of it all. After each game, the data is then sent to a database where all the data from other games is. In the case of the NBA and NCAA, these databases are huge and can have a huge impact on a player's career. It is crucially important for an official statistician to do their job well.

What Stats Does A Statistician Record?

Why Is Keeping Stats Important?

Recently, professional sports have been going through a data revolution. More and more teams are turning towards data to help them make decisions when considering which players would be optimal to acquire or keep around. Without stats from every game, this data would not exist. Also, data that is taken incorrectly can lead to a player being portrayed incorrectly and can massively affect negotiations for contracts or trades. The basketball world looks different now than it did 20 years ago, and statistics are a huge reason why. A statistician has one of the most important jobs in basketball, and they must do it perfectly.