Basketball Rebounding Machines

Basketball Rebounding Machine

Basketball shooting is all about rhythm. Having somebody rebound the ball and pass it to the shooter helps a shooter take more shots and find a rhythm from certain spots on the floor. Players do not always have a partner at their disposal to help them rebound. This is a great example of when a player would benefit greatly with the use of a rebound machine.

What are rebounding machines used for?

A basketball rebounding machine is something that can be placed under the rim to help assist a basketball player with retrieving the ball after a shot. These are great for basketball players who are looking to improve their shooting consistency. They are also great when a player does not have a partner to rebound the ball for them. Rebounding machines will help a player get more shots on the hoop in a shorter amount of time because they will not have to grab their own rebound after every shot. A rebounding machine can help a player mimic the catch-and-shoot motion without needing a partner on the court. 

Rebounding machines can be as simple as a net that is placed under a hoop that will practically roll the ball back to the shooter or as advanced as a machine that will essentially act as a person and automatically pass the ball to the person who is shooting the ball. Rebounding machines are used in driveways as well as in college and professional practice facilities.

Things To Consider

When looking for a rebounding machine, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What are you going to use the rebounding machine for?
  • How much space do you have?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a rebounding machine?
  • Do you need the rebounding machine to be easy to transport?
  • Do you need the rebounding machine to pass the ball back to you?
  • How frequently will you be using the rebounding machine?


The most common types of rebounding assistants are the return net, rim kick back attachment, and passing and rebounding combo machine.

Return Net

Basketball Return Net

Return nets are great if a basketball player is playing on an outdoor hoop and there is either a hill, bushes or something else that a person wants to keep the ball away from. The net will prohibit the ball from being able to get behind the hoop as well as roll the ball back to a player, but it may not accurately return the ball. The return net will keep the ball on the court for shots that go through the net and for air balls as well.

Rim Kick Back Attachment

Basketball Rim Kick Back Attachment

The rim kick back attachment is the smallest type of rebounding machine and is a piece of plastic or metal that is attached to the rim. The rim kick back attachment will only rebound the ball for a player if the ball goes through the basket. It is not effective for missed shots. This is designed for when the ball goes in the hoop the ball will roll off the kick back attachment and bounce towards the top of the key. If a player is shooting the ball from the corner it won’t rebound the ball back to the corner.

Passing and Rebounding Combo Machine

Basketball Passing and Rebounding Combo Machine

These are the most advanced rebound machines as they have large nets to catch any make or miss and then the ball enters a machine that will pass the ball in the air back to the player. These machines help basketball players replicate a true catch-and-shoot motion and this is the closest that a player can get to having an actual person rebound the ball for them.


The most popular brands for basketball rebounding machines are Spalding, Dr. Dish, and The Gun.

  • Spalding: The Spalding rebound machine is a simple rim kick back attachment. These are very easy to install onto a rim and are portable. 
  • Dr. Dish: Dr. Dish machines are passing and rebounding machines. They come with touch screens that allow the player to program the time in between the balls being passed back as well as program it to pass the ball to certain spots on the floor.
  • The Gun: The Gun is an automatic passing and rebounding machine. Many collegiate programs elect to use this brand including schools like Kansas and Syracuse.


Some important considerations when buying a basketball rebounding machine are the size, functionality, and cost.


Rebounding machines vary in size. The kick back attachment can be as small as two feet long and is very portable while the automatic machines are large with a hefty base and a net that stretches to ten feet in height. These large machines are typically on wheels so they can be moved to the other end of a court, but they are not portable.


The different types of rebounding machines all have different functions. If a player is looking to casually go out and shoot hoops in the driveway, then a net or attachment is a great solution because it will keep the ball on the court and assist with rebounding. If a player wants to mimic the catch-and-shoot action and put up a lot of shots then a machine is a great method, but they are large and are primarily used by college and professional teams.


Rebounding machines vary in prices and land in different price ranges depending on how advanced they are. Rim attachments are the inexpensive rebounding option and they can be purchased for around $15. Return nets land in the middle and are around $100. The most expensive of the three is the passing and rebounding machine and are sold for thousands of dollars.


What are the benefits of using a rebounding machine?

A rebounding machine is beneficial for any basketball player who is looking to improve their shooting abilities without a rebounding partner present. These machines serve as a rebounder and can help a player copy the catch-and-shoot action without another person present. These are also great for outdoor basketball hoops that may have bushes or hills behind it as they can serve as a way to block the ball from going behind the hoop.

How do you use a rebounding machine?

Return nets and rim attachments are very easy to use and the only thing that a player will have to worry about is installation. Once they are installed all the player has to do is shoot the ball and the rebounding machine will do its job. A rebounding and passing machine is more advanced as they have touch screens that can allow a player to program how much time in between each pass and the location that they want the ball to be passed on the floor. Once that is set up all the player has to do is put up shots and the machine will do the rest of the work.

How much do rebounding machines cost?

Rebounding machines can range from as low as $15 all the way up into the thousands of dollars. Rebounding machines that are small and portable are a lot less expensive than the large automatic passing and rebounding machines. The simple rim attachment is either plastic or metal and can be purchased at a very low price. The advanced rebounding machines come with built-in touch screens and pivot technology that allows passing the ball to any spot on the court, which makes them quite pricey. Since these are expensive, they are normally found in college and professional gyms.