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Carmelo Anthony

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This past offseason, the Houston Rockets signed veteran Carmelo Anthony. He might have averaged at least 20 ppg over the past few seasons, but that does not mean that he was shooting and scoring efficiently. The former all-star has provided a scoring punch on past teams he has played with.

A Possible Scoring Punch

Although the numbers might suggest that Anthony is not in his prime, he thinks that he is still a star, which can be a blessing and a curse for a team, especially one that is trying to catch the Warriors. Throughout his career, he has been known as a scorer, whether that would be from the wing, posting up on the block or shooting elbow jumpers. Anthony could possibly provide a scoring punch that might be needed because you can never have enough scoring.

He Adds Scoring and Not Much Else

Anthony adds scoring, but that might be the only positive thing he adds to the Rockets to truly trying to challenge the Warriors for league supremacy. On the defensive end, he is a liability because of his lack of lateral quickness and the effort on the defensive end is not there, and quite frankly, it has never been there from Anthony.


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