Basketball Two Guard

Basketball Two Guard

A two guard in basketball refers to the numerical position of a shooting guard. A two guard, also known as a wing or off guard, usually stands at about 6'5" but often ranges anywhere from around 6'3" to 6'7" in the NBA. Two guards have a number of responsibilities on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

Position On The Floor

Depending on what offense or defense a team is setting up in, the two guard will be placed in different positions on the floor. However, the two guard will usually start out somewhere on the perimeter.

Responsibilities On Offense


First and foremost, two guards need to be good shooters from three-point range. Not only is it important for shooting guards to consistently score for his/her team from the outside, but shooting from long range helps to open up the floor. As defenders stray further from the basket to cover good two guards more closely, more space becomes available for other players to operate with.

Two guards should also know how to score at the mid-range level. Mid-range pull-up jump shots and floaters can be tough to stop, especially if the defense is trying to prevent a three-point shot or a drive all the way to the basket.

Reading The Defense

In order to get a good shot, a shooting guard must be able to move without the ball and get open. Two guards can get open by properly using screens, cutting to the basket, and generally filling in open space on the court left by his/her teammates.

Dribbling And Passing

In addition to finding the best spot on the floor to receive a pass and shoot the ball, a shooting guard should be able to create his/her own shot. Oftentimes, doing this requires the two guard to dribble to a spot on the three-point line, drive to the basket and finish at the rim or, again, pulling up for a mid-range shot.

Two guards will also take on the roles of ball-handler and passer in many situations. A two guard can help to relieve pressure on the point guard by taking the ball up the court or passing to teammates.

Responsibilities On Defense

Two guards will usually defend other guards, so they end up spending a lot of time on the perimeter. When playing defense on the perimeter, two guards should stay low, stay within an arm's length of the ball handler, shuffle their feet and use short steps, and keep their hands out and moving.

Shooting guards use their speed to stay with their assigned offensive player, getting around screens and contesting shots.

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