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Basketball Shooting Guard

Basketball Shooting Guard

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Basketball Shooting Guards

Shooting guards make shots from beyond the three-point line. The shooting guard is known as SG and the number two in our diagrams.

Role and Responsibilities

Shooting guards are important players on a basketball team. As a shooting guard, you should be a strong shooter around the perimeter of the court. Like every position, the shooting guard must be able to transition between offense and defense efficiently.

When his team is on offense, the shooting guard is responsible for:

  • shooting the ball
  • making baskets from beyond the three-point line

When his team is on defense, the shooting guard is responsible for:

Types of Shooting Guards


Basketball Downtown

Shooting guards are also known as off-guards. Off-guards make treys from an area of the court called downtown.

Wing Players

Basketball Wing

Shooting guards are known as wing players because they play in the wings and corners of the court.

Shooting Guard Statistics

The following stats are important measures of success for a good shooting guard:


Basketball Swingman

A swingman is a player who can play both small forward and shooting guard. It's not uncommon to see a small forward switch to shooting guard and vice versa.

Top NBA Shooting Guards

The following lists some of the top shooting guards in the NBA by team:

Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant
Dwayne Wade
Jerry West
James HardenHouston Rockets
Jimmy ButlerMinnesota Timberwolves
Klay ThompsonGolden State Warriors
Gary HarrisDenver Nuggers


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