Point Forward In Basketball

Point Forward In Basketball

In basketball, a point forward is a player that plays the forward position but still brings the ball up the court, even though that role is typically reserved for a point guard. Point forwards are still expected to be the primary ball-handlers and distributors, as well as initiate the offense, just as a point guard typically would.

Basketball Point Forward

Point forwards are able to use their physicality to score in addition to dribbling and distributing. Whenever a point forward is being used, it probably means the team is also using a point guard that is adept at scoring, or a combo guard or shooting guard instead of a point guard. Having a point forward gives an offense more scoring options and allows a dominant forward to use isolation plays more easily.

Notable Point Forwards

The most obvious point forward example is LeBron James. Even since his first NBA game, James has been an avid ball handler and distributor, creating openings for teammates by threatening with his scoring prowess. Other historically significant point forwards include Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Ben Simmons.