Basketball Captain

Basketball Captain

A captain in basketball is a player who is elected by fellow teammates to lead their team for the season. They have certain responsibilities such as interviews before and after their games, shaking hands with the other team’s captain pregame, and talking with the referees before and during the game. Some coaches may appoint captains to their teams, but not all teams have captains, depending on the coach or level of play.

Selecting the Captain

Typically, the best players on each team are named the captain or captains of their teams. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry were and are the best players on their respective teams, and are all examples of team captains.

However, the best players are not always the captain of the team, as some skilled and aged veterans may be named the captains of their teams. An example of this is Derek Fisher. When Fisher was with the Los Angeles Lakers, he wasn’t necessarily their best player, but he was a skilled and smart veteran who earned the respect of the best player, the coach, and the rest of his teammates.

When selecting a captain for your team, do not just automatically pick the best player. Look for players with leadership qualities and good teamwork skills that can help his or her teammates get better!

Qualities of a Captain

basketball Qualities of a Captain

Since the captain of a team will take on a leadership role, there are certain qualities they should have that will allow them to succeed. Here are a few:

  • The player should be a verbal and visual leader, meaning they will tell their teammates what should be done and lead by example, showing the team what they mean.
  • They should always put forth 100% of their energy and encourage others to do the same.
  • They should be excited to play in every game and help their teammates get on the same level of enthusiasm.
  • They should understand that players make mistakes and help them to work through those issues, working with them instead of against them.

It may be difficult to find someone with all of these qualities, but finding the right leader can help a team through even the worst games or seasons.

Role of Basketball Captains

The role of a team captain is to help the team get organized for games and specific plays, acting almost as a second coach. They will call out plays, help their teammates get into the right positions, and adjust formations if necessary. The captain can also be the calming influence of the team if they are in a funk and not playing well; they always try to encourage the team to work harder and play better.

Captains are also the only member of the team that is allowed to dispute rule interpretations made by officials throughout the game. If another member of the team tries to dispute a call, they will be called for a technical foul.


What is a basketball captain?

In basketball, the captain is the leader of a basketball team. Captains are typically the most-talented or most-respected members of their teams, and are chosen by their teammates to represent them on the court. Being a captain comes with a variety of duties, including communicating plays to their teammates, working directly with the head coach, and dealing with disputes over in-game calls.

What do captains do in basketball?

Captains serve as team leaders in basketball. They are responsible for maintaining constant communication with all team members of the court and calling out plays. Captains typically also serve as a liaison between the coach and the team, and will discuss any in-game disputes with the referee.

How do you become a captain in basketball?

The basic means of becoming a team captain in basketball is to be both a good basketball player and a good teammate. Having exceptional basketball skills is one aspect of being a candidate for captain, but just as important is having a good rapport with your teammates, and being a leader even when you are not officially in charge. Additionally, being a good listener, especially to those who are above you, such as coaches and current captains, will make you seem even more appropriate to be voted as a captain.