Basketball Player Positions

Basketball Positions

Basketball Positions

In basketball, every player has a role on the court. However, many times these roles and responsibilities overlap. As a result, it is difficult to know what each player position should be doing. This classification of player roles is archaic and there is room to improve it in the modern game of basketball.

In basketball, there are five players on each team on the court. Each player has a unique role and responsibility during a game. These five players are called:

We use the following numbers when referring to the player positions in basketball:

  • Point Guard = 1 or PG
  • Shooting Guard = 2 or SG
  • Small Forward = 3 or SF
  • Power Forward = 4 or PF
  • Center = 5 or C

Point Guard

Basketball Point Guard

The point guard is the leader of the team. They coordinate plays on the court and are typically the best dribbler on the team. The point guard will start with the ball near the top of the key. A few key stats for point guards are steals and assists.

Shooting Guard

Basketball Shooting Guard

The shooting guard is great at making shots beyond the three point line. A few key stats for shooting guards are rebounds, assists, and scores.

Small Forward

Basketball Small Forward

The small forward is also great at making shots past the three point arc. Small forwards are similar to shooting guards. The small forward and shooting guard are great at shooting on the perimeters of the court near the wings and corners. Get the ball into these player's hands to make a three-pointer.

Power Forward

Basketball Power Forward

The power forward is a post player that likes to make shots inside the three point line in the paint. Power forwards are skilled at making jump shots and hook shots in the paint while posting up. The power forward starts an offensive drive by getting the ball and bringing it towards the top of the key. Power forwards are great at dribbling and overall fantastic ball-handlers.


Basketball Center

The center is typically the tallest player on the team. Centers take jump balls in the center circle. Centers are great at dunking near the basket in the paint for an easy layup. A key statistic for centers is rebounds.