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Basketball Nose Guards and Face Shields

basketball nose guard

Basketball nose guards, often referred to as face shields, are a piece of protective equipment that players can wear to protect themselves from further face injuries after suffering from one. Some types of face injuries include being hit in the head, nose, or chin with the ball. A basketball or elbow to the nose could lead to a broken nose, which could result in four to six weeks of rest time for a player.

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Mueller Face Guard

We really enjoyed testing and reviewing this product. First off, not only does this product look really cool with its sleek design, but it is comfy. It is one of the few nose guards at this price range to have the padding built-in that you do not need to buy separately. For those who are allergic to latex this is perfect as it is not made from natural rubber latex.

This product is adjustable, so it can work for kids and adults. We recommend this nose guard for all types of physical sports, except boxing as it would probably hurt more. We do not recommend wearing glasses with this product - instead you should wear contacts if available.

Qiancheng Nose Guard

Very similar to the Mueller nose guard above, the Qiancheng nose guard does provide slightly less padding as the Mueller nose guard. However, it is totally clear and if aesthetics are important to you then this is the nose guard for you. This is a one-size fits all mask, so it should fit most adults and teens ages 12 and up.

Sports Knight Nose Guard

If your focus is on affordability and you have a budget, then this is the nose guard for you. It's a one size fits all mask, so you do not need to worry about sizing. This nose guard offers extra protection below the nose on the sides of the cheeks. One thing that worries us about this nose guard is the protection and padding. There were a few incidents of not providing adequate protection from padding, which could spell a nasty scratch or cut if you play a contact sport with this on. However, this nose pad really shines for sports such as tennis and softball - where you are not expecting to get smacked in the face by bodily contact.

Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield For Kids

There aren't a lot of great options for nose guards for children. However, we did find one nose guard that has over 85% positive reviews (4-stars and 5-stars). From the reviews, this product provides adequate protection for ball and contact sports such as dodgeball, soccer, basketball, tennis and more. It is completely adjustable, so you can feel confident that it will last for until your child reaches their teens. If you are worried about your child and their injury this nose guard will protect them. Remember, nose guards are great, but sometimes the best protection may be to sit out and wait until the injury heals.


What is a face guard in basketball?

Face guards are usually clear in color and come in a variety of sizes to fit a player of any age.

They are secured by strapping them around the head with velcro, sitting tightly on the nose and forehead. They can also take impact off of the player's head if it is hit due to the anti-shock properties they possess. Players in other sports wear nose guards as well, since face injuries are possible in baseball, football, and soccer.

What are the benefits of using a nose guard?

Many players find that the nose guards are uncomfortable and distracting. Players take many risks when they choose to play without protective gear, however, so they will normally continue using them directly after an injury to keep their recovery on pace.


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