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Basketball NBA Top Best Three Pointers

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Who is the best three point shooter in NBA history and why?

There have been many basketball players known for their unmatched three-point shooting. However, before we get into the best three-point shooter, let's define what a three-pointer is.



A three-pointer is a shot taken behind the three-point line. If a player makes this shot, his/her team is awarded three points, as opposed to the traditional two. These shots can be difficult to make because of the distance from the net, and the hand-eye coordination needed to repeatedly sink them.


Who is the best three-point shooter in NBA history?

As of right now, Steph Curry is the best NBA three-point shooter. In his 2016 season, he had over 402 three-pointers. He beat his own personal record from the 2014-15 season where he scored 286 three-pointers. He averages 33 points per game and has an outstanding 60.7% shooting rate.


Why is Curry the best in history?

Curry holds the title as the player with the most three-pointers per season, totaling 5 seasons. He has played for less time than many other recognized basketball players, like Ray Allen or Reggie Miller.

Although there is no definite answer as to how he became the best, it's obvious that in order to be the best three-point shooter, Curry has to shoot and shoot accurately. He can shoot off the rebound, dribble or pass, and is also a very good ball-handler and dribbler. Curry has an unbelievable range and view of the court, meaning he can see when taking a three is the best option for his team.


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