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Basketball NBA Greatest Point Guards List

Table of Contents

Who are the greatest NBA point guard of all time?

Magic Johnson is the greatest NBA point guard of all time. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1979-1991 and 1995-1996, leading his team to five championships.

What made him the greatest?

Johnson was capable of playing any position on the court and could see plays before he would make them happen. He could see the open areas to pass the ball before his own teammates saw these open areas.

Johnson scored many points for his team over the years. Although he was able to make baskets, he also played a smart game and wasn't afraid to pass the ball first. He was an all-around diverse player always looking out for his team and what would most benefit them. With a stature of 6'9'', he was an excellent rebounder.

What other players are considered the best of all time?

Yes. Long-time basketball fans debate on this topic constantly. Some argue that Michael Jordan, Lebron James, John Stockton or Steph Curry are the greatest.

What makes someone the greatest basketball player?

This is different for everyone! Some believe that the best player is the one who scores the most points, whereas others think the greatest player is the newest man out on the court rebounding nearly every shot. The qualifications differ for everyone!


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