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Basketball NBA 2006 Draft Best And Worst Picks

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Like any draft, the 2006 NBA Draft class had some picks that panned out and some that did not. Some of the potential stars had their careers taken from them because of injuries.

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Best Picks

LaMarcus Aldridge

As the #2 overall pick to the Trail Blazers, Aldridge became one of the franchise cornerstones along with Brandon Roy (also drafted by the Blazers). Aldridge's size, athleticism and shooting touch made it difficult for others to defend him. The multiple-time all-star was a productive power forward during his time in Portland and continues to succeed with the San Antonio Spurs.

Rajon Rondo

Rondo was one of the best picks in the 2006 draft for being selected 21st overall. His vision and passing ability became an immense value for the Boston Celtics. The four-time all-star and NBA champion with the Celtics is one of the smartest players on the court, knowing the plays of not only his team, but the opposing team as well. Rondo also led the league in assists three times and been named to an All-Defensive team four times.

Brandon Roy

Roy was drafted 6th overall and played for the Portland Trail Blazers for five Seasons. In those five years, Roy was the Rookie of the Year from this draft class and went on to be a three-time all-star. If not for multiple knee injuries, Roy would have likely had an incredible career as a superstar. He is considered one of the best players ever to be removed by injury.

Paul Millsap

Millsap was maybe the best-value pick of this draft, being drafted 47th overall. He has enjoyed successful stints in Utah, Atlanta, and Denver, averaging over 14 points and seven assists for his career. Millsap is a four-time all-star and has the second-most win shares out of any player in this draft.

Kyle Lowry

Point guard Kyle Lowry was a late bloomer, missing the All-Star Game until his 11th season before going to five in a row. He was also a crucial part of the 2018-19 Finals-winning Toronto Raptors squad.


Worst Picks

Andrea Bargnani

Bargnani was a victim of unfair circumstances-the Italian big man was not the consensus number one pick, and he didn't really play like it, either. Although Bargnani became a solid starting center for the Raptors, injuries and inefficiency led him to modest career averages of 14.3 points and 4.6 rebounds.

Adam Morrison

Morrison was billed as a dominant big man who could score at will, but he struggled to make an impact after a knee injury kept him out of his entire sophomore season. Morrison went from being the third-overall pick in 2006 to being out of the league by 2010.

Shelden Williams

Williams was drafted with the fifth overall picki by the Atlanta Hawks, but never became the post force that was expected for such a high pick. He only averaged five points or more twice and never found his footing in the league during his 12-year career.


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