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Basketball March Madness West Region

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Basketball March Madness West Region

At the end of each year in college basketball, there is a postseason tournament known as March Madness. There are 64 teams that compete in the tournament and it is broken up into four regions. One of those regions is The West region. The other three regions are the South, Midwest, and East. Each region consists of teams from that geographical area with higher seeds getting priority to playing close to their home stadium.

The West Region is the largest geographically of the four regions and has teams from for the most part west of Kansas (the middle of the country). That means the west region is essentially responsible for covering nearly half of the country.

Basketball March Madness West Region 2019

In the most recent March Madness tournament (2019), the winner of the west region was eventual runner up Texas Tech. They were originally given the third seed and on their way through the region they defeated both the two seed (Michigan) and the one seed (Gonzaga).

The sweet sixteen was made up by the top four seeds: Gonzaga, Michigan, Texas Tech, and Florida State with Gonzaga and Texas Tech meeting in the elite eight.

Notable Upsets/Cindarellas

There was no Cinderella type story teams with no teams seeded lower than four making it to the second weekend of the tournament. The biggest "upset" in the region was twelfth seeded Murray State defeating fifth seed Marquette behind the second overall draft pick Ja Morant's big game.

Site Locations

Every year there are different locations that games are played in. In 2019 the west region played its elite eight and sweet 16 matchups in Anaheim California. The first two rounds are played at predetermined sites that are not exclusive to the west region. Those included Salt Lake City, Hartford, Tulsa, and Des Moines this past year.


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