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Basketball March Madness South Region

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Basketball March Madness South Region

At the end of every college basketball regular season there is a postseason tournament known as March Madness. There are 68 spots available, and they are filled by the selection committee. Once the teams are selected, they are broken down and sorted into four different regions. The four regions are geographically based, one of which is the south region. The south region in March Madness for the most part contains colleges that are located in the southern parts of the United States.

The region contains 16 different teams seeded from 1 to 16. The winner of the single elimination bracket gets to advance to the final four and compete against the other region's champions.


2019 March Madness South Region

In this past year's March Madness tournament the eventual champion Virginia came from the south region. Virginia was given a one seed at the start of the tournament, and used a staunch defense to plow its way through the south region and into the final four. The other top seeds in the region were Tennessee (2), Purdue (3), and Kansas State (4). Three of the top four advanced to the sweet 16 (minus Kansas State). Purdue then knocked off Tennessee to reach the elite eight. There they fell to Virginia, but not without a fight, taking the game into overtime.


Despite being given a 12 seed, The University of Oregon proved to be a tough out. They advanced through to the sweet sixteen before falling to Virginia in a nailbiter of a game. On their path they had to face another first round upset team, 13 seeded UC Irvine. The UC Irvine Anteaters had disposed of fourth seeded Kansas State in the first round. The only other upset came from tenth seeded Iowa knocking off the seventh seeded Cincinnati.


The location sites of the tournament change every year. This year the south region played its regional final in Louisville Kentucky. The elite eight matchups also took place in Louisville. The first and second round games were played at various locations not specific to the region.


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