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Basketball March Madness East Region

Table of Contents

The Basics of the East Region

The March Madness East region in basketball is one of four regions of teams in the tournament. All of the games within this section of the beginning of the tournament are played within the east portion of the country and the regional play concludes with one of the four different Elite 8 or regional title games that decide who wins the region and reaches the Final Four. In this past March Madness tournament, the second-seeded Michigan State Spartans won the East Region, who upset the number one-seeded Duke Blue Devils in the Regional Final game.

Future Sites in the East Region

For the 2020 March Madness Tournament, there will be a few different regional sites in the East. For the first and second rounds of play, the regional hosts and sites include the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference hosting games in Albany, New York and the Atlantic Coast Conference hosting games in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games will be hosted by the Big East Conference and St. John's University in New York City at Madison Square Garden. The sole winner left standing in New York will move on to play in the Final Four in Atlanta, Georgia.


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