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How This Course is Broken Down

Notable Players Underdog stories, game-winning shots, and brackets! What else could we be talking about except March Madness?

This 68-team tournament, running from mid-March through the first week of April, decides the National Champion of the College Basketball season. Dubbed March Madness for the surprising upsets and Cinderella stories, the tournament was created in 1939 and has occurred every year since, even being televised since the late 1960's.

Notable Players The tournament originally consisted of a bracket of eight teams until being expanded to 16 teams in 1951. Two years later, the brackets were increased to include 25 teams, and again expanded in 1975 to accommodate 32 teams. Multiple expansions have occurred since, the most notable being to 64 teams in 1985 and 68 teams in 2011.

Notable Players In earlier versions of the tournament, only conference champions of Division-1 schools were invited, but in the modern tournament, all 32 conference champions in the NCAA earn an automatic bid. The remaining 36 spots in the tournament are awarded to at-large teams (teams performing well enough to earn a spot in the tournament) by a selection committee, which you can read more about here. The teams are then sorted into regions of the bracket, and play begins!

Notable Players In this article, we will be going through every champion of the March Madness Tournament, dating all the way back to 1939. With the 2018 Tournament coming up soon, maybe a quick history lesson will help you build the perfect bracket this year!

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