List Of Basketball Tips

list of basketball tips

Basketball is a highly popular sport in the United States and is played on basketball courts with a basketball hoop and a basketball. It involves two teams each consisting of five players and the goal is to score more points than the opposite team by shooting the basketball through the hoop.

The sport was invented by James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts where Naismith was an instructor in physical education. The sport has grown in popularity, skill level, and complexity over the years. This list will provide tips for players, coaches, and parents on how they can approach the game and improve their skills.

Tips for Players

  • Get the Proper Equipment
  • Get Yourself in Shape
  • Warm Up and Stretch
  • Practice
  • Develop Proper Shooting Form
  • Learn to Dribble with Both Hands
  • Keep Your Head Up While Dribbling
  • Do Not Dribble the Basketball Too High
  • Increase Your Vertical
  • Create a Consistent Free Throw Routine
  • Find a Mentor
  • Do the Little Things Right

Get the Proper Equipment

You want to make sure you have a basketball court, hoop, and basketball. You also want to ensure that you have comfortable shoes that offer proper support and athletic clothing as well. Having the right equipment allows you to practice correctly and safely.  

Get Yourself in Shape

Before starting to play basketball for the first time it is important to get your body used to exercising. Basketball is a demanding sport that involves lots of running and can be physically demanding on the body. Going for runs and doing some conditioning will help drastically when it comes time to pick up a basketball on the court.

Warm up and Stretch

In order to prevent injuries it is crucial to stretch out your muscles and get your heart rate going.


The most important element when it comes to improving your performance and skills within the sport. Constant practice is key and you should develop a schedule for your practice times. The three most important skills to work on are passing, shooting, and dribbling the basketball. 

Develop Proper Shooting Form

A lot of young players do not develop the proper shooting motion and this can be harder to change to more comfortable you get with your shooting stroke. Practice shooting from a variety of different places on the court and get a sense of your scoring range as a shooter. Remember to always get your eyes on the rim during your entire shooting motion and hold your follow through. 

Learn to Dribble with Both Hands

While practicing dribbling it is important to be able to control the basketball with either hand. It allows players to change direction faster and gives players more confidence possessing the ball.

Keep Your Head Up While Dribbling

While learning to dribble the basketball it may be instinct to look at the ball, however you do not want to form this habit. Keeping your head up while dribbling will allow you to see defenders coming to steal the ball or open teammates looking for a pass.

Do Not Dribble the Basketball Too High

The final aspect of dribbling is maintaining control of the ball. You want to keep your knees bent, back straight, and head up and in order to maintain possession you should focus on bouncing the ball low to the ground rather than bouncing the basketball as high you can. 

Increase Your Vertical

Jumping is a major aspect of the sport of basketball and something that is expected of players on either side of the ball. Using vertical jump training will not only help to improve your vertical, but your overall athletic ability. 

Create a Consistent Free Throw Routine

Free throws are awarded when a player is fouled when in the act of shooting. These types of fouls are very common in basketball so you will want to develop a free throw routine you feel comfortable with. Take a deep breath and extra second to focus on the hoop. Take your time; these are called free throws for a reason, so make them count. 

Find a Mentor

Find a player that you think embodies your playstyle and watch how they play the game of basketball. This could be a professional player in the NBA, a collegiate player, or just someone older at your local school. Study them and watch how they conduct themselves on and off the court and then try to implement some of their skills into your own play.

Do the Little Things Right

Sprint to the huddle, be a good teammate, make the extra pass, and always hustle after loose balls. Giving this little bit of extra effort will make you a stronger asset to the team and help provide an example to other players on the team.

Tips for Coaches

  • Preparation
  • Create a Positive Environment
  • Encourage Your Players
  • Start with the Basics
  • Challenge Your Players


One of the single most important elements of being a basketball coach is being prepared. Make sure that each player on your team has a game/practice schedule, proper equipment, and that your team will have access to a gym and basketballs.

Create a Positive Environment

You want your players to feel comfortable and welcomed by your presence. The sport of basketball is meant to be fun and as the coach you want your players to enjoy the experience of playing. Now you need to maintain order and control, but that should not come at the suppression of any players.

Encourage Your Players

When a player on the team does something right, congratulate and let them know they did a great job. On the other side do not single out players for mistakes because this can hurt the team dynamic.

Start with the Basics

Start with teaching your players the fundamental skills first before starting anything complicated. For example, have your players start off by shooting only close to the hoop and only until they have mastered shooting close, should they start working on shooting further from the hoop. 

Challenge Your Players

This does not mean overwork them, but your team workouts and practices should challenge the players. If they aren't challenged, they won't improve. Challenges will help to build the team’s chemistry and confidence.

Tips for Parents

  • Show Up On Time
  • Communicate with Your Child
  • Make Sure Your Child Has the Right Equipment
  • Encourage Your Child
  • Play with Your Child

Show Up On Time

It is critical as a parent to familiarize yourself with your child's practice and game schedule. You want your child to be at the right location at the right time so they do not miss out on any of the team's activities

Communicate with Your Child

Having an open line of communication between you and your child about a sport can be helpful for everyone. Do not assume that they love playing, ask them how they feel about their coach and teammates. Keep checking in and ensure they are enjoying and want to continue playing basketball.

Make Sure Your Child Has the Right Equipment

Basketballs come in different sizes depending on different leagues. For example, boys and girls balls will be different sizes. Make sure your child is practicing with the correct ball size. Additionally you’ll want to make sure that your child’s basketball shoes properly fit, are comfortable, and do not cause any blisters.

Encourage Your Child

It is key to keep the morale of your child high so they continue to enjoy the sport. Congratulate them and cheer them on when they score a basket or make a good pass. In turn, if your child has a bad game, do not point out their mistakes, but instead offer some sympathy and let them know they got it next time!

Play with Your Child

A great way to keep your child entertained and excited about basketball is to practice and play with them. This could entail a game of 1 v 1 in the driveway or going to the local park for a game of horse. It doesn't really matter what game you do as long as it's with your child and you’re both enjoying it.