Women's American Basketball Association

The Women's American Basketball Association is the full name of an alternate women's basketball league, more commonly known as the WABA. The WABA has three regions and seventeen teams, with games streamed on Zingo TV.

Formation of the WABA

The WABA was formed after the 1984 Olympics with the hopes of continuing the popularity of women's basketball after the U.S. dominated the tournament to win gold medals. With basketball-great Nancy Lieberman as the first pick in the draft, the league had high hopes for success, but folded after only one season.

WABA: 2002

The Women's American Basketball Association re-formed in 2001, but with only six teams in the league, it ended after just one year and players moved on to another league.

WABA: Present

The WABA was re-established in 2017 with 7 teams in 6 different states. Currently, the league has 17 teams in 12 different states, showing a clear sign of growth in women's basketball throughout the country. Many players attempt to use the WABA as a stepping-stool for playing in the WNBA or a league overseas, which provide more of an opportunity for a career in basketball.

The two-time defending champions of the WABA are the Jersey Expressions, playing out of Newark, NJ, where the league was first established. The league's current motto is, "It's our time!"