British Basketball League

The British Basketball League (BBL) is the highest level of men's basketball played in the United Kingdom. It began in 1987 and is entirely professional, as opposed to the country's other leagues. The BBL is comprised of 12 teams, or clubs, that play games under FIBA rules.


The 12 clubs that compete in the British Basketball League are split up into two groups as is relevant to the BBL Cup:


  • B. Braun Sheffield Sharks
  • Cheshire Phoenix
  • Leicester Riders
  • Manchester Giants
  • Newcastle Eagles
  • Radisson Red Glasgow Rocks


  • Bristol Flyers
  • London City Royals
  • London Lions
  • Plymouth Raiders
  • Surrey Scorchers
  • Worcester Wolves


The season starts with the BBL Cup. Here, teams play one home game and one away game against every other team in their group. The best four teams of each group then enter the quarterfinals of the cup's bracket. The games in this round happen over a single leg and feature the North's one seed against the South's four seed (Game one), the South's one seed against the North's four seed (Game two), the North's two seed against the South's three seed (Game three), and the South's two seed against the North's three seed (Game four).

The winners move onto the semi-final round, where the games take place over two legs. In it, the winner of Game one plays the winner of Game two, and the winner of Game three plays the winner of Game four. After this, the BBL Cup Final pits the winners of the semifinal games against each other.

BBL Trophy

In addition to the 12 teams in the BBL, four additional clubs from outside the league participate in the BBL Trophy, which is a tournament that has no assigned seeds. Rather, matchups are determined without consideration for how a team has done previously. Both the opening and quarter final rounds are single game events. The semi-final round is played over two legs while the final round is a single game.

BBL Championship

The BBL Championship is the league's regular season, though it is much shorter than that of the NBA. Each club plays all 11 other teams once at home and once away during the 22-game regular season. The number one team in the standings at the end of the season is the winner of the BBL Championship, which is the most meaningful title in the league.

BBL Championship Play-Offs

The best eight teams in the league, determined by record during the regular season, compete in the BBL Championship Play-Offs. The play-offs start with the quarter finals in which each team is seeded one through eight. Each matchup's winner is determined by a best-of-three series in both the quarter finals and semifinals. The final round, however, is only one game.