Basketball Jerseys

Basketball Jersey

For anyone looking to participate in a basketball league, basketball jerseys are the standard uniform. The NBA, NCAA, and many other leagues use basketball jerseys. They can vary based on material, design and brand and can even be worn by fans to support their favorite teams and players.

What are basketball jerseys used for?

Basketball jerseys are used to separate and identify different teams and players on the basketball court. Basketball jerseys usually have part of a team's name or logo on the front, a number on the front and back assigned to a specific player, along with the athlete's name on the back. Each jersey also has the main colors associated with the team or another design that the team creates.

It is important to have these jerseys in order to easily separate the two teams when viewing or playing. Referees, fans, coaches, and commentators can easily use the names and numbers on the jerseys to quickly identify certain athletes on the court. Without jerseys, trying to tell who is who and on what team could look messy and unorganized. Every team has some sort of jersey to provide a sense of unity.

Things To Consider

When looking for a basketball jersey, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What will you be using the basketball jersey for?
  • Are you going to be playing in the jersey or wearing it for fashion?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a basketball jersey?
  • How do you want the jersey to fit?
  • Do you have favorite teams or colors?


Types of Basketball Jerseys

There are a few different types of basketball jerseys that one may buy, usually differing in quality and price.


Replica jerseys are made by a company other than the one that makes the official jersey and are not made with the same standards as game-worn jerseys. They tend to be of lesser quality than authentic jerseys, but it may be difficult to tell the difference with the naked eye. Like authentic jerseys, these are often stitched, but are much cheaper in price.


Similar to a replica, swingman jerseys are a type of jersey that does not perfectly match the authentic quality. While it is not exact, it is the closest form to an authentic jersey. These do not necessarily need to be made by the same company as the official supplier, but are typically associated with them.


Authentic jerseys are the highest quality form of basketball jerseys. They are made by the same company that produces the official jersey (Nike, in the case of the NBA). Authentic jerseys are the same ones that athletes wear on the court. Because of their supreme quality, authentic jerseys are the most expensive.


Basketball jerseys can be made out of different types of materials depending on the quality of the supplier.

  • Polyester: Polyester is the most common material for jerseys to be made out of. This material is breathable and absorbs sweat well.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a material that is rarely used in jerseys today, but can still be found in some places. This material was more common when synthetic materials were still new.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a material that is commonly mixed with polyester. It is more shiny and durable, but is rarely seen in jerseys today.


There are many different brands that make basketball jerseys, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Nike: Nike is the official supplier of all NBA jerseys. They also make basketball jerseys for college teams that they sponsor.
  • Adidas: Adidas made the official NBA jerseys from 2006-2017 when Nike took over. They still make replica jerseys and jerseys for some college basketball teams.
  • Champion: Champion supplied jerseys to the NBA from 1989-2002. They have since moved towards making custom basketball jerseys.


When considering which jersey to buy, there are a few different factors that may go into one's decision.


Authentic jerseys from any supplier are the highest quality jerseys and therefore are the most durable. If taken proper care of, basketball jerseys can last a long time. They are not much different than a simple t-shirt and are even made to survive a lot of movement and stretching.


The price of a basketball jersey can vary greatly. Authentic jerseys can range anywhere from $100-$300 and sometimes even more or less depending on the league and retailer. Replicas are much more affordable and are typically found for $20-$70.


Sizes of basketball jerseys vary greatly from company to company. Whether it is authentic or a replica, any jersey can usually be found in adult and youth sizes. It is always best to see if a retailer has a measurement chart in order to find the jersey that fits correctly.

What are the best basketball jerseys?


What are the kinds of basketball jerseys?

There are three main types of basketball jerseys: authentic, swingman, and replica. Authentic jerseys are made directly from the official supplier and are game quality. Swingman jerseys are typically only found with NBA jerseys and offer near authentic quality for a cheaper price. Replicas are the cheapest and can vary in quality, but some may look very close to authentic.

How much do basketball jerseys cost?

The cost of basketball jerseys varies based on the quality. Authentic jerseys are the most expensive and can range from $100-$300. Replicas are much cheaper and can be found for as low as $20 in some places.

What materials are basketball jerseys made from?

Today, authentic basketball jerseys are made from mainly 100% polyester. Most replicas also use mainly polyester, but some may use a mixture with nylon and cotton as well.