How To Shoot Better Jump Shots

The best thing to do to get a better jump shot is to practice, the more shots you take the more your body will inhibit muscle memory. Shooting is as much about repetition as it is about talent. Practicing shots from different parts of the court is also important, this way if you face this shot in a game you will be more prepared.  

More tips on improving a jump shot

Players who want to make their jump shot better often begin close to the basket and move their way back. Then, the more comfortable a player is from that distance, they will expand outward until they can make a consistent two-point shot followed by a three-point shot. Additionally, it is important to practice one's shooting form. The best way to practice shooting form is to remember an acronym called BEEF, or Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow-Through. If a player follows this acronym when shooting and practices from close range and moves their distance out, they can become a much better shooter, especially with their jump shot.

Basic drills for improving a jump shot

There are basic drills for improving a jump shot. One of these drills is putting the ball in the palm of your dominant hand and shooting the ball with just that hand from a couple of feet away from the basket. What this does is it helps a player with his or her shooting form and gets them comfortable shooting at a close range. After this, the player can take a step back and shoot again with the same form. They should do this until they feel comfortable putting their non-dominant hand on the side of the ball for guidance and shot strength. That hand is called the "guide hand" because players don't shoot with it. It is there for guidance, to balance the ball, and to get more strength and or distance into a shot. Another basic drill the player can practice is shooting spots, which practices close range and free throw line range. Players should start on the block, which is the square right next to the basket and after they make one, take a step back to the hash mark until they get to the elbow, which is another term for the hash mark near the free-throw line.

Shooting more shots

Players who want to improve their jump shots have to take hundreds of shots every day to practice their shooting form, range, and upper body strength. Shooting hundreds of shots a day helps improve your upper body strength because after a while, a player's arms will get tired from shooting and just shooting more will not only help their physical strength but also, their muscle memory of their shooting form. Repetition is hard to achieve but the more shots you take the easier it becomes. Practice and repetition are what you remember when a big shot is needed during a game, these help you succeed to the best of your ability.