Basketball Picking Up Your Dribble

Picking up your dribble in basketball is when a basketball player stops dribbling and holds the ball in both hands in an attempt to either shoot, pass or pivot. Once a player picks up their dribble, they are not able to begin dribbling again or a double dribble will be called and the defense will receive the ball. 

Why Pick Up Your Dribble?

Basketball requires a lot of movement, of both the ball and the players on the court. So, when a player stops dribbling, it should be to move the ball to a different player, to take a shot, or to pivot so that they can either shoot or pass. If you have an open shot, a pass that could lead to a shot, or need to avoid a turnover, pick up your dribble! But remember, you cannot dribble again once you have picked up your dribble.

Don’t Pick Up Your Dribble Too Early!

To avoid losing good scoring opportunities, try not to pick up your dribble too early! You will become an easy target for defenders who will make it much harder for you to shoot or pass the ball. Maintain your dribble until you see a good opportunity to shoot, pass, or pivot in a way that will help your team win!