How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make?

How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make

NBA cheerleaders enhance the entire fan experience by creating a lively and exciting atmosphere at basketball games. But how much do NBA cheerleaders make? Read on to find out more about what NBA cheerleaders do, how much they are paid, what influences their pay, and how to become an NBA cheerleader.

What Do NBA Cheerleaders Do?

NBA cheerleaders are an integral part of the basketball experience, whether they are executing sophisticated dance routines or leading the audience in chants. They perform intricate dance routines and stunts during timeouts and game breaks, bringing energy to the court and engaging the audience. Cheerleaders also interact with fans, leading the crowd in cheers and dance routines to keep everyone in the arena involved and entertained. Their bright costumes and dynamic movements help to liven up the game, adding to the overall excitement of the event.

Additionally, the job of NBA cheerleaders extends beyond simply performing on the court. They are skilled dancers who spend many hours polishing their routines and talents. Their devotion and hard effort make their performances even more spectacular and enjoyable to see. They also represent the teams for whom they cheer, and they are frequently viewed as role models for young girls and women who want to be cheerleaders themselves.

How Much Are NBA Cheerleaders Paid?

The financial compensation for NBA cheerleaders varies greatly depending on the team, the duty assigned, and experience. However, the average pay for NBA cheerleaders lands anywhere from $75 to about $150 a game, according to data from 2017. At $150 per game, accounting for all 41 regular-season home games, an NBA cheerleader can expect to make $6,150 from their work. Some teams also pay their cheerleaders for practice sessions, with reports indicating that they receive about $30 per practice. This level of pay would usually necessitate most cheerleaders having a second job during the offseason.

However, there are teams who have notably outstanding pay, such as the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks. Their cheerleading squads are some of the highest-paid cheerleaders in the NBA, with salaries ranging from $200 to $650 a game. They additionally may receive incentives of up to $2,000 in addition to a $35,000 yearly pay.

What Influences an NBA Cheerleader’s Pay?

The most significant factor determining cheerleader pay was the size of the market. It was also found that team success was a factor in determining pay. Cheerleaders of teams with successful records were found to earn more than those of teams with losing records.

Additionally, competition and availability of suitable candidates were key factors in determining pay. If there was a larger pool of qualified candidates, it’s less likely for teams to set higher wages. Furthermore, the number of cheerleaders on a team's roster also affected pay. Teams with more cheerleaders were found to have lower wages for each cheerleader than those with fewer cheerleaders.

How to Become a NBA Cheerleader

Most NBA teams host cheerleader tryouts every year, generally during springtime. Check the website of the team you want to root for to find out when and where auditions are held. During the audition, individuals will most likely be requested to do a dance routine as well as demonstrate their cheering abilities. In addition, one may be questioned and requested to demonstrate their physical fitness. If chosen as a cheerleader, individuals will most likely go through training to prepare for the season. Dance rehearsals, physical fitness training, and performance workshops are examples of such activities. It's important to note that requirements for becoming an NBA cheerleader can vary from team to team, so be sure to check with the specific teams for more information.