How To Play Basketball Free Throw Golf

Basketball Free Throw Golf

Free throw golf in basketball is a practice game where multiple shooters shoot 18 free throw attempts and the one who makes the most wins the game. This drill is used to build free throw shooting skills through constant repetition. Repetition is commonly acknowledged as the best way to improve shooting because it builds muscle memory.

Basketball Free Throw Line

Turning this basic shooting drill into a game incentivizes the shots more and makes them more important, similar to real foul shots in a game. Shooting free throws in an empty practice gym is a lot easier than doing so in games because of the pressure caused by in-game situations, even if the distance between the foul line and basket is the same.

Each player participating in free throw golf will shoot 18 free throws, with a made shot counting as 0 and a missed shot counting +1. A swished shot counts as -1, so that the scoring rules of actual golf are maintained. The player with the lowest score wins.