How To Play Around The World Basketball

"Around the World" is a competition-based shooting drill. Players attempt shots from various locations inside and beyond the three-point line, with the player that is first to complete the sequence of shots being declared the winner. Around the world is not only a fun way for teammates to compete against one another, but it also helps players develop the ability to shoot from virtually anywhere on the court.

How to Play

The game is played between two or more players, who take turns shooting the ball from each spot. Shooting spots can be located in different places depending on who is playing, as long as there are five total spots in an evenly spaced, half-circle alignment. Once a shot is made, the player gets to move on to the next spot and attempt a shot. Each time a shot is missed, the player is forced to remain in the same location and wait until their next turn. The first player to complete the sequence there-and-back (total of 10 made shots) is declared the winner.


There are several different variations of the game that are not included in the traditional guidelines. While rule changes tend to be unique to the group of people playing, the two most common adaptations are outlined below…


When a player misses a shot, they have the opportunity to retake the shot from the same spot. If they make it, they continue to move on to the next spot as normal. If they miss the second attempt, however, they are forced to restart from the very beginning on their next turn. Each player is allowed only one redo per round.


If one player gets into a rhythm and makes several shots in a row to complete the sequence, the other players have a chance to force a playoff by finishing the cycle in the same number of shot attempts. For example, if a player makes 10 consecutive shots, rather than the game being over immediately the rest of the players have a chance to match the performance by also scoring 10 baskets in a row.


Partaking in several games of "around the world" helps basketball players develop a more consistent shot. They become accustomed to shooting from certain locations on the floor, allowing them to develop muscle memory and knock down the shots easily during games.

The game is also a great way for players to unwind while perfecting their craft. This is especially true for professional basketball players, who enjoy spending time with their teammates and engaging in a little friendly competition after a long, grueling practice.