Basketball Charging Foul

Basketball Charging Foul

A charge in basketball is a foul given to an offensive player who possesses the ball and makes excessive contact with a defensive player who is properly positioned on the court. If the defensive player has both feet set in the path of the ball handler prior to them making contact, it is considered a charge. Defenders often try to draw a charge by getting in good position and baiting the offensive player into committing the violation.

The result of a charging foul is turnover and possibly free-throws if a team is in the bonus or double bonus.

Charging Rules

Basketball Restricted Area

Charges cannot be called within the restricted area, which is a semi circle about 4 feet in width placed under the basket in most professional and collegiate basketball games. A charging foul is considered a personal foul and counts towards a team's foul count. To signal a charging foul has occurred, the referee will emphatically point with their entire arm towards the other end of the court to signal that the possession will be “going the other way.”