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Basketball Team Fouls

Table of Contents

Basketball Team Fouls

In basketball, each team's personal foul totals are added into team foul totals. These team fouls bring about penalty situations for teams that are fouling too much.

Resetting Team Fouls In Basketball

A team's foul count will reset at the end of each quarter or half.

In college basketball (where there are no quarters), team fouls reset at the start of the second half. In the NBA, team fouls reset after every quarter.

Penalty Situations In Basketball

If a team reaches the foul limit for team fouls, they are in a penalty situation. There are two types of penalty situations in basketball:

The bonus is different in the NBA and college basketball. You can learn more about penalty situations in Basketball Bonus and Basketball Double Bonus.

NBA Bonus

If a team commits five fouls in a quarter or two fouls in the final two minutes of a quarter, they are in the bonus. In the NBA, teams get two free throws every time a player is fouled for the bonus.

College Basketball 1 And 1 Bonus

If a team commits seven fouls in a half, they are in the bonus. The bonus is also called the one-and-one in college basketball because the free throw shooter receives one additional free throw if the first one is made.

You can learn more about the bonus in Basketball Bonus.

College Basketball Double Bonus

When a team is in the double bonus, they get two free throws every time a player is fouled. A team is only in the double bonus once they've committed ten fouls. The double bonus only exists in college basketball.

You can learn more about the double bonus in Basketball Double Bonus.

Inbound Pass

If a non-shooting personal foul is called when a team is not in a penalty situation, then the other team gets possession of the ball with an inbound pass at the nearest sideline.


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