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Player Control Foul In Basketball

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Basketball Player Control Foul

A player control foul in basketball is a foul committed by an offensive player. A player control foul is a very common foul, but is applied to a player who has control of the ball or is in the air while shooting. Any illegal contact made by a player in possession of the ball is considered to be a player control foul. This might include illegal contact using the shoulder, elbow, arm, or hand, as well as forcing one's way through or around opponents when there is no room to do so.

Basketball Player Control Foul


A charge is a form of player control foul that happens relatively frequently. An offensive player commits a charge when he/she runs into and makes substantial contact with a defender who is in a legal guarding position so long as he/she is not in the restricted area directly underneath the basket. Legal guarding position is often thought to mean the defender must have his/her feet set on the floor and is not moving by the time the offensive player makes contact. This is true, so long as the defender sets up in his/her position straight ahead of the ball handler. This means giving the ball handler space to avoid contact while dribbling or before the ball handler leaves starts his/her shooting motion at the basket.

However, the rules are a bit more lenient, as a defender just needs to get his/her torso in front of the dribbler. The player's feet may still be moving slightly, as long as he/she beats the ball handler to the spot he/she intends to dribble to.


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