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Offensive Foul Basketball

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Basketball Offensive Foul

An offensive foul in basketball is a foul committed by an offensive player whose team is in possession of the ball. The offending player is charged with a personal foul and their team is charged with a team foul. No free throws are awarded after an offensive foul; instead, the ball is awarded to the offended team out of bounds near wherever the foul was committed.

basketball offensive foul

Types of offensive fouls

Offensive fouls can be called for any pushing, holding, hitting, or anything else that can be called against the defense. However, there are also few common fouls that are specific to the offense. These include charging and illegal screens.


Charging is called when an offensive player is out of control and runs over a defender. Defenders who try to "take a charge" do so by standing straight up with their feet facing the offensive player. Charges may not be called inside the restricted area on a basketball court. This arc is located underneath the basket and gives offensive player an incentive for getting so close to the rim.

Illegal Screen

An illegal screen is when a player is setting a screen and moves a limb to block a defender who is trying to get around the screen. Screeners must also set screens at least one step from the defender so that they may react to said screen. Illegal screens may also include shifting laterally to ensure direct contact with the defender or making illegal contact while setting a screen.


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