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Basketball Nonshooting Foul

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Basketball Nonshooting Foul

A nonshooting foul in basketball is a foul that is not a shooting foul. A shooting foul occurs when a ball handler who is in the act of shooting is fouled. Therefore, a nonshooting foul is any foul that is not on a shooting player.

Basketball Nonshooting Foul

Can a Nonshooting Foul Result in Free Throws?

Depending on the foul count of the team which fouls, a nonshooting foul can result in free throws. Remember that once a team fouls a certain number of times the other team begins being rewarded with free throws after fouls. If a team is in the bonus for fouls, a nonshooting foul called on the other team will result in free throws.

What Are a Few Examples of Nonshooting Fouls?

There are many nonshooting fouls. A few examples are traveling, blocking, and charging.

Other Information on Fouls

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