Triangle Offense Basketball

Basketball Triangle Offense

The Basics of the Triangle Offense

The triangle offense is one of the most well-known offenses in modern basketball history because of its association with Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson and the multitude of championships that he won using it with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. The offense is predicated on having perfect spacing throughout every offensive possession, creating three separate triangles among the five offensive players. Besides this, the offense is structured yet free flowing, allowing the players to decide how each possession plays out depending on how the defense is reacting to the set.

Strengths of the Triangle

The triangle has many strengths that can bolster any team to become better on offense. The triangle is an offense that never starts or stops, it is basically an offensive philosophy so there is never a time when the offense has to create outside of it. By staying in the triangle, the scoring opportunities will present themselves. It also allows for it to be played in a positionless style where players can move around as long as they can maintain the spacing necessary for the offense to run. Finally, no player is left out of the offense as all are always involved no matter the situation.

Weaknesses of the Triangle

Although the triangle can be a very effective offense, it is a difficult system to run and use successfully. It requires experienced players with IQs and an elite level of basketball fundamentals. They must be able to react to the defense without hesitation so some teams may not be able to run this offense effectively. The offense is also complex with many options that must be known and memorized in order for it to come easily in a game setting. Finally, the triangle takes away the ability for the coach to truly make adjusts as it is all on the players to make it work, which some may not like.