Basketball Wristbands

What is a Wristband in Basketball?

A wristband in basketball is worn by players to absorb sweat on their arm. Players may also use the wristband to wipe sweat off of their forehead and out their eyes while playing, since they do not want to get their hands wet. They are helpful accessories for players and are an optional addition to the basketball kit.

Basketball Wristband

Basketball Wristband Colors and Uniforms

Wristbands are made in just about any color and can be personalized with logos or emblems, making them available to any player who wants to match their uniform or wear one that pays tribute to a specific cause.

What Do Wristbands Do?

Basketball players perform and run at high speeds during practice and games, making them produce a lot of sweat over the course of a few minutes. This sweat can be distracting when it is dripping down a player's arm or face and can actually impact their game. By utilizing a wristband, that sweat does not reach their hands and interrupt their ball handling, passing, or shooting abilities. They can also use it to wipe their face and collect the sweat building there.

Wristband Materials

Wristbands are made of terry cloth, an absorbent and lightweight material that can collect most of the sweat from a player's body.

Buy Basketball Wristbands

Since wristbands are so useful to basketball players, they can be purchased at any sporting goods store of online retailer. Some sites may allow you to customize your wristband or purchase them in bulk for a cheaper price.

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