Basketball Whistles

What are Basketball Whistles?

A whistle is a small instrument made of typically plastic or metal that produces a sound through air blown by the person using the whistle. During games, whistles are used by the officials, but coaches will also use them during practices. Whistles are used during the game to make calls that directly impact the game. The official can choose to hold the whistle in their hands or wear it around their necks.

basketball whistle

Basketball Whistle Rules

A whistle is used to stop the basketball game. The whistle acts as a resource for the official to control the game. Therefore it is important that the official can produce an effective sound. A whistle should be blown in a quick sharp manner. A tip to having a crisp whistle is keeping your tongue on the tip of the whistle until you need to blow.

Basketball Referees and Whistles

The referee blows the whistle when the game starts and when a foul or violation is called. The whistle is also used to alert the timekeeper when to start and stop the clock. Unlike other sports, a whistle is not blown when one of the teams has scored. The only time you need to blow the whistle after a basket is if there was a time-out called by the opposing team or a foul. Even though a whistle is the smallest piece of a basketball game, it is vital to the effectiveness and organization of the game.

Basketball Coaching and Whistles

Whistles are also a great product to use for coaches as well as referees. As a coach you can utilize a whistle during practices to train your players.

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