Basketball Water Bottles

What are Basketball Water Bottles?

Basketball water bottles are reusable water bottles that are used during a basketball game. Since basketball is a very fast paced and tiring sport, it's important for players to be hydrating whenever they get the chance: when they're off the court, there's a long break in play, or one of the quarters has ended.

Water bottles are kept off of the court under the bench. In some professional leagues, there is a water bottle boy who hands out waters as the players come off of the court for a timeout or after a substitution.

Basketball Water Bottle

Water Bottles and Hydration

Basketball players do not get many breaks to drink water. When a player needs a break or a drink, the coach is permitted to substitute him so he can rest. Since breaks are few and far between, players must be responsible to fuel up and stay hydrated. Failing to hydrate oneself can affect the mental and physical game of the player.

Buy Basketball Water Bottles

Water bottles can be bought in many stores and there are no rules as to the type that players can have, some choose to bring containers that can hold up to a gallon of water!

A few of the stores that carry basketball water bottles include Dick's Sporting Goods, Amazon (online), and Target.

The price of the water bottles ranges from about $5-$20. If the bottle is larger or nicer, then it is likely to cost more money.

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