Basketball Tights

What are Basketball Tights?

Basketball tights are a compressive item worn underneath basketball shorts by some players. These tights are said to improve circulation and keep the leg muscles warm, which benefits players during games. Since compression tights are supposed to be tight, players should opt for ones that run slightly smaller than their typical pants. However, some players might find the tight fitting pants uncomfortable, which is one reason why they are not required by any league or at any age level. They are an optional portion of the basketball kit.

Basketball Tights

What Do Basketball Tights Do?

Along with improving circulation and keeping leg muscles warm, tights also protect against bruising and scratching that may result from the physical nature of the game. Since the bottom half of players' bodies are only covered by basketball shorts, the likelihood of surface injury is high.

Who Wears Basketball Tights?

Compression tights are worn by women and men of all ages. Not only do they ensure comfort throughout a game, but there are many benefits that come from them. They are accessible to almost everyone, as players can buy them at any athletic store or online. They run similarly to pant sizes and should fit snug enough where your body feels secure.

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