Basketball Sweatbands

What are Basketball Sweatbands?

Basketball sweatbands are an accessory that players of all ages can wear on their wrists or foreheads during practices and games. Nowadays sweatbands are also fashion items, as they can be matched accordingly to a uniform. However, their original intent was to protect players from sweat in the eyes without having to stop the game.

Sweatbands also come in the form of a headband, which many professionals opt for during games. This keeps hair and sweat out of a player's face. Sweatbands are made of a very absorbent material, typically terry cloth and cotton.

Basketball Sweatbands

History of Sweatbands

Sweatbands began emerging in the 80s as a means to keep sweat out of players eyes during the game. Players used bands on their wrists, and with a quick swipe of their wrist across their forehead, players could continue with their game.

Sweatbands Rules and Regulations

Sweatbands are not a required part of the uniform. However, they are beneficial as they don't allow sweat to interfere with a player's vision.

Basketball Sweatband Materials

Sweatbands are comfortable, stretchy and flexible, making them an easy item for players to integrate into their games. Sometimes, sweatbands can come in a pack of three- one for the head and two for the wrists.

Buying Sweatbands

Basketball sweatbands can be bought at most sports stores or online. A few places to find sweatbands are Dick's Sporting Goods, Amazon, or even, a website dedicated to sweatbands. There are many different brands of sweatbands, including Nike and UnderArmor.

Sweatbands typically cost $5-$15. You can also buy a pack of several sweatbands, usually for around $10-$20.

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