Basketball Shorts

What are Basketball Shorts?

Basketball shorts are a piece of the uniform that players wear in today's game. They are worn over the legs between the hips and knees. They are worn not only for the purpose of a basketball game but also as everyday clothing for people outside basketball in today's world.

Basketball Shorts

History of Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts have evolved a lot over the course of the sport's history. Nowadays, basketball shorts are typically made of a mesh or cotton material, but that was not always the case. They are also worn in a different style; today, basketball shorts are generally worn over the knees or to the knees as opposed to ways they were worn in the past. As time went on it became cool to wear baggy shorts that reached the knees as many players found this to be cooler or more stylish.

Basketball Shorts Evolution

This ideology grew until almost every basketball player wore similar shorts as they do today. Companies started to sell shorts with brighter colors and even started making the uniform shirts as loose-fitting as the shorts. This can be traced back mainly to Michael Jordan. Jordan, who wore his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls shorts asked for his shorts to be longer and wider so that he could fit his college shorts underneath. This was one of many ways Jordan influenced pop culture and fashion throughout his career in the NBA.

Old School Basketball Shorts

When basketball shorts first started emerging, they were above knee-length and padded. Over the years, the uniforms became shorter, lost the padding, and became more form-fitting. The shorts were originally made of satin and have now transitioned to mesh material. This allowed players to have more mobility. However, looking back to before the 1980s, players wore what today are called short-shorts, these are shorts that did not reach the knee and instead ended higher on the thigh. This was a fashion trend back then but today is not the norm.

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