Basketball Shooting Sleeves

What are Basketball Shooting Sleeves?

Basketball shooting sleeves are an accessory that players can wear during practices or games. Although this item is not required, you can find many professional players wearing them during games for a few different reasons.

Basketball Shooting Sleeve

Shooting Sleeves Materials

Shooting sleeves are made of spandex and nylon and are worn on either arm from your wrist to above the elbow. Basketball players wear shooting sleeves in order to keep their shooting arm warm and they are said to improve circulation.

Purpose of Shooting Sleeves In Games

Basketball sleeves are often worn after players heal from injuries. The sleeves are said to increase blood flow and reduce soreness during and after physical exertion. Many players feel more protected with a sleeve as it guards against potential scratches. Some players also wear them because they look cool and are a fashion statement!

History of The Shooting Sleeve

The basketball shooting sleeve trend began in 2000 when Allen Iverson began wearing a sleeve during his games to recover from elbow bursitis. Many players followed for the reasons listed above. Due to the increase of demand a new market emerged for the sleeves and a variety of different sleeve types were created. Today shooting sleeves can have different lengths, materials, colors, and even padding in them.

Who Wears Shooting Sleeves?

Many famous basketball players are known for wearing them, like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. They are highly sought after and used among professionals in leagues, especially as younger players and fans of Iverson enter the NBA. However, they are not limited to professionals. Amateur players sport them across all levels, from youth leagues all the way to rec players.

Buying Basketball Shooting Sleeves

If you're thinking about possibly purchasing a shooting sleeve it's a good idea to know about your different options. Sleeves vary in price, with higher end ones going for around 20 to 30 dollars. If you are serious about basketball and feel it will help you, then 30 dollars is not too steep a price to pay. However there are also cheaper options that may not be as high quality but only go for 10 dollars.

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